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A personal empowerment company offering  design optimization of your home/office spaces to support an increase in productivity and efficiency, massage therapy for stress management and premium skincare for conducting business with confidence. ARISARA is dedicated to helping our clients perform, feel, and look their best!



Over the last ten years, I have lived in Italy, worked in Thailand, backpacked SE Asia and Australia, starred in multiple Hollywood feature films, built a massage therapy business that fills the lives of my clients with love and vitality and won a Grammy writing for Ziggy Marley. Every moment in my life has lead me to where I am today and the last decade has been particularly clarifying as a small town girl with big dreams from Moscow, Pennsylvania. 
I moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to act in film after earning a Bachelors degree in Performance Art from SUNY Buffalo. I discovered the magic of massage in 2011 while committed to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Thailand. My weekly massage treatments helped to manage the stress induced by a personal mission to teach English to 42 students, in five subjects. It was bonkers; one of the most challenging and character fortifying experiences of my life. I effectively completed that year contract and left my students' feeling loved and empowered. That experience changed the course of my life.
I lived in Thailand for one year and a half, travelled southeast Asia and studied Thai Massage at the Shivagakomarpaj Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai. Following graduation, I moved back to Los Angeles and completed a Medical Massage program at the Southern California Health Institute. I worked a short time with Burke Williams and then chose to build my own practice, integrating the best of eastern, western, and spa techniques. ARISARA is a Thai word used to describe one that is unstoppable. I learned it as the female name of a woman that I befriended when I lived there. It resonated powerfully within my heart and I can only describe it as an 'Aha!' moment when I came to know the meaning.
It reminds me of the warrior within us all. It is my personal mantra and has informed the mission of ARISARA exactly. Be unstoppable! 
In 2014, in that spirit of being unstoppable, I delved into singing and songwriting, which I was strangely afraid to do for some reason. I used to write a lot of poetry and short stories when I was younger and music has always been a significant part of my culture, so I actually took to it rather quickly. This year, I celebrated a Grammy win for my contribution on a song called Better Together for Ziggy Marley's album. I feel so silly now for thinking I couldn't do it!
I have declared myself an omni-creative entrepreneur. I understand the unique lifestyle of performers and creatives and I feel called to care for them as I care for myself. I believe artists are creating the future and it is important to me to support them in the ways I can and cultivate my own artistic expression.
ARISARA provides an encouraging, comfortable and familiar environment whether in my Los Angeles based studio; at a private residence or recording studio; or traveling the world on tour. This is my niche and it feels so good to be here, now, on purpose.