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11413 Moorpark Street
Los Angeles, CA, 91602
United States


A personal empowerment company offering  design optimization of your home/office spaces to support an increase in productivity and efficiency, massage therapy for stress management and premium skincare for conducting business with confidence. ARISARA is dedicated to helping our clients perform, feel, and look their best!


The ARISARA Massage Experience

·      Accelerates the rejuvenation process in a sanctuary of positive vibes featuring Himalayan salt lamps, a heated table dressed in cozy, flannel sheets and perfect, musical ambiance on surround sound.

·      Assists in stress/pain management with customized application of a variety of massage therapy approaches including:

Deep Tissue - Trigger Point Release - Hot Stone - Aromatherapy - Myo-fascial Release - Cupping - Thai - Acupressure - Swedish - Lymphatic Drainage - Kinesio Taping - Pregnancy

·      Integrates the most effective massage techniques for relieving muscle tension, resolving chronic pain, and encouraging detoxification.

·      Leaves you with a greater sense of clarity, comfort, power and optimism!


Guests enjoy free, off-street parking

and a private bathroom.


+ all massage treatments are conducted using premium quality, organic lotions and oils.

+ sheets are washed using unscented, hypoallergenic detergent

ARISARA provides a supportive, comfortable and familiar environment whether in the Los Angeles based studio or as an outcall therapy provider.

Your ARISARA Massage Experience can be enjoyed in studio or at a private residence, recording studio, production set, performance arena or as a permanent team member traveling with you on your national/international tour.